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"Where a Storm Becomes A Slay"

Storms Trap Beaute Bar & StormSlaysHer Xollextion is at your service providing you with a phenomenal experience, latest fashions, essential product needs for hair, body, skin, and our number one seller that everyone woman must include in her peace, The Storms  Power V-Tea Steam.  

Storms Mission is to turn our clients Storms into a Slay.  When we go through storms sometimes it shows in our walk, and how we carry ourselves.  Here at  Storms trap Beaute Bar & StormSlaysHer Xollextion we are striving to change that we want to turn any Storm you may be carrying into a Slay, Or just help with a natural upkeep from walking into Unwanted Storms.  Striving to bring the beauty within you out .  We will work with integrity Honesty and Respect.

The story behind Storms Trap Beaute bar is that the salon experienced a real storm a month after re-opening from a time we had too close due to Storms first friend, her mothers sickness & passing.  When Storm regrouped as much as she could from such a hard experience it was a real weather Tornado storm that Storm experienced.    That was a storm that turned Storm into a a beast of beauty, she flourished and learned you have too keep pushing & moving forward no matter how many times you get knocked down, that storm turned into a grind to not carry the pain of losing everything, All things go, but you  work harder and get in the Trap(salon) and Grind.  We are here now, Not living in the past, but moving our own storms into beauties.  Storms. don't last forever you have to push &perservere through it all 

We are offering booking service, online boutique and blog on this site.  With daily add ons so subscribe today.  Thanks and enjoy.


Storm is the Salon & Boutique owner of Storms Trap Beaute Bar/ Storm SlaysHrer Ltd. Storm has simply Been in tune with who she is, continuously focusing on her peace, wether it is spending Time with family, meditating designing a life she love, or catering to her clients with  achieved styles & desired looks.  She received her cosmetology license June 2008 and have been pursuing and making hair and a eye for fashion her ultimate goals every since.  As she specialize in all hair styling techniques weaves and natural silk outs is her favorite to design.  Storms Clients love her most because they are able to come and talk with her and never feel judged or unaccepted, instead she encourages & compliments.  Storm wants everyone to believe, love and strive for self pushing any and everyone to be their BEST them and to always encourage one to do what makes YOU happy,  With the sense to always uplift one.  She loves inspiring and mentoring on down time, currently working on a program designed for all the little girls in the world, for self development so stay tuned for the launching of that venture it will be BIG.  Storm believes in dreams coming true because her life she is living was once just ALL A DREAM.

Storms V-Power Tea Steam

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